Market Mastery


A trip to your local Farmer’s Market in the Summer is a great way to involve the whole family in a fun and holistic healthy living activity! Delaware Farmer’s Markets sell inexpensive locally grown and in season produce as well as other market items like meats, eggs and cheeses from near by farms. As if the delicious local foods weren’t enough, many of the markets also have entertainment and activities that are fun for all ages. Music, crafts, recipe demos (shout out to UD Cooperative Extension), and there are even Kid’s Days. Click here for the Delaware Farmer’s Market Guide to find a market near you.

Delaware 4-H wants you to make the most of your market experience by following these three simple tips:

  • Know what’s in season.

When it comes to produce, looking for items that are in season will maximize the quality of the product and help minimize your cost.

Summer Seasonal Fruits

Sweet summer fruits are a great way to refresh and cool off after a hot day outside. The bright colors also make them fun to eat and to add to salads with summer vegetables.

Summer Vegetables

  • Show up early or late.

The market will be less crowded at these times. We recommend arriving at the very start of the market to ensure the best selection of items or arriving later in the market for the best prices. Check the Farmer’s Market Guide (link is above) for times.

  • Plan your recipes ahead of time.

Having recipes in mind when you head to the market will make it easier to select items. Here are some delicious in season chef-developed and kid approved summer recipes from the USDA:

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September is Hunger Awareness Month

hunger-awareness-month-510-x-339Did you know?

In Delaware, 1 in 8 people struggles with hunger and in our country, 16 million youth aren’t getting the proper foods they need. Hunger + no food = poor nutrition. Poor nutrition is a very serious issue in youth because they need those vital nutrients to stay healthy so that they can grow and function at their full capacity during these crucial years.

Volunteering at the Delaware food bank is a good place to help those in need. Encourage your family to sign up to volunteer at the food bank once this month. It is located in Newark. Our Up for the Challenge program focuses on teaching youth about proper nutrition so they can make smart food choices when given options. Anyone 13 and over can become a Healthy Living Ambassador to help combat issues of hunger in our state.

For those that are in need, a good way to get cheap and healthy food is to visit a local farmer’s market. Buy only produce you think your family can eat in one week and freeze the rest or plan to come back to the market next week. Produce is great because they can often be used as snacks as well as in every meal of the day. Beans are a great and healthy source of protein and when in cans, are inexpensive and have a long shelf life. Yogurt is a great and cheap breakfast and snack option that youth tend to enjoy to help get in their dairy, and adding fresh fruit to it makes it a really nice sweet treat. Freezing whole grain breads is an easy way for them to last longer.

Take this month to learn how you can help combat hunger in your state!