5K Training Tips: Celebrating Our Success

We had such a good time on Tuesday Night June 5, 2018 and our 4-H family did take a number of awards!  Want to share in the fun and family festivities?


Join us on Saturday July 7, 2018 for the Freedom Run/Walk/Roll 5K Run/Walk and 1.5 Mile Fitness Challenge!  This event benefits the Veterans Trust Fund. The Delaware Veterans Trust Fund provides assistance to Delaware’s veterans in financial crisis.


When: Saturday, July 7, 2018, 9 a.m., Rain or Shine. Healthy Kids Run (kids 8 & under) starts at 8:55 a.m.

Where: Silver Lake Park, Dover, DE  Use Washington Street entrance off of Sate Street.

Course: 5K run/walk is on a mostly flat and fast double loop course.

Registration: $20 until June 30, $25 after and on event day.

Registration starts 8 a.m.. Kiddie K race is FREE!.

Make checks payable and mail to Veterans Trust Fund, 2772 Hazlettville Rd, Dover, DE 19904

. Contact Ray at 302-674-3213 or email: Races4u@TriSportEvents.Com.

Register online at TriSportsEvents.Com.

Silent Hero: Can’t make the race but would still like to support this event? Register as a Silent Hero!


Awards: Unique 

awards for overall male, female and master’s winners and top 3 male & female runners in 10 year age groups starting with 10 & under, thru 70 & over. 5K walk awards for top 5 ma

le & female finishers.

AWARDS to most patriotic male & female participants. Ribbons to all Kiddie K finishers. Roll (wheel chair) awards will be presented to th

e top 3 male/female finishers.

Amenities: Quality “Freedom 5K” TECH shirts to all participants and volunteers. Post race festivities includes free food and beverage.

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5K Training Tips: Countdown to the Big Day

Countdown…3, 2, 1 days until The Dover Running Festival: Dover Mile and Colonial 5K! Here are the details you need for Race Day….

There will be a table for group registrations (that’s us) please plan to arrive by 5:00-5:20 as we don’t want to miss the flag ceremony! Below is the information on event activities. Delaware 4-H Healthy Living will have prizes for all of our 4-H participants at the finish in addition to the race goodies!  We are up to 15 participants! Yeah! Team DE 4-H!

If you forgot to register and still wish to join us, fill out the registration form (CLICK HERE) and bring cash or a check with you the day of the event.  

Don’t work out too hard this weekend and take a rest day Monday.  Looking forward to see you on Tuesday night!


Where:  Governor’s Café at 144 Kings Hwy SW, Dover, DE 19901
5:00 p.m. Registration starts
5:30 p.m. Flag Day Ceremony
6:00 p.m. Dover Mile Run/Walk (Open to all ages, competitive and non-competitive)
6:30 p.m. Colonial 5K Run/Walk (Open to all ages, Awards will be given)
7:45 p.m. Awards (mile/5K) ceremony, starts shortly after the completion of the 5K


5K Training Tips: Future Goals Moving Forward: Building Strength

How are you doing fitness friends?  Are you feeling confident you are ready for your 5K walk or run?  If you have been getting 2-3 workouts each week, you are likely physically ready.  As the Nike expression says “Just Do It”! If you have not been consistent, don’t let that stop you. Just adjust your time goal, participate in the camaraderie of the race, collect your tee shirt and bling, and continue with us.  You may be a couple minutes slower that planned, but you’ve got this!

It’s not too early to start thinking about how you will continue to improve post race. While we have been working on increasing our time running vs walking, or walking faster than in the past, it’s never too early to improve other aspects of fitness.  Building upper and lower body strength through strength exercises will also benefit your running, balance, and overall fitness. Below are some no equipment required exercises to get you started.  You should do these on the alternate days from your running/walking.


Upper Body/Core

  • Push ups
  • Crunches
  • Plank

Lower Body

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Calf Raises

Visit our Grab-n-Go page for explanations of these activities. https://cdn.extension.udel.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/28052808/Grab-N-Go-Fitness-Dice_REV.pdf  

Here’s a helpful video from WebMD for a 5 Minute Lunge and Squat workout.  I would skip the pivot squat (2nd activity) and replace with calf raises (go up on your toes for 5 second sets and then back down, work your way up to longer holds for the one minute during this video) then rejoin the last 3 activities of the video.

Another excellent way to build strength, flexibility and balance is through yoga!  There are lots of great videos and online demonstrations, or take a class at a fitness center near your home or office.  You will find yourself relaxed and rejuvenated post yoga workout!

For those of your in 5K running preparation, for week 10 of 12, increase your training this week by increasing your running time each of the 3 days.   Warm up with a brisk 5 minute walk. This week, see if you can run for 25 minutes without stopping! End with 5 minutes of relaxed walking to cool down walk.  Stretch (see week 4 blog) Total 35-40 minutes.

Can’t wait to see you in Dover for our Colonial 5K Walk/Run.  Here’s the registration on the DE 4-H website. Sign up today!

Be a Fit Fam!

Families can be more physically active by emphasizing a variety of activities and ways to stay motivated to be active together. Physical activity is a learned behavior, and parent’s can model this behavior for the child to observe. Healthy habits towards fitness built in childhood can extend into adulthood and positively impact their health throughout the entire lifespan. 

Untitled design (13)

SHAPE America recommends these fun ways to be a fit fam:

  • Biking
  • Golf
  • Group exercise classes
  • Rock climbing
  • Yoga

Research shows that youth are more likely to be active when friends and family are involved and social support is proven to be beneficial for health outcomes. Try a family outing to spend time together and encourage the behaviors to become habits. For more tips check out this article by health.gov.

5K Training Tips: How to Stay Motivated

Congratulations we are 6 weeks into our 12 week training.  If you are having trouble staying motivated to complete your new fitness routine, you are not alone.  Even experienced runners and fitness enthusiast experience aspects of daily living that try to pull them away from their goals and without a concentrated effort to stay focused and motivated this might happen.

Karen running

We’ll review some key points to staying active even when motivation is low.  When struggling to get out the door, (this happens often actually) remind yourself why you are doing this!  So, find your Big Why!  Are you working because you want to be healthy, lose weight, manage stress, sleep better, meet new people, live longer for your family, be a role model, or even conquer an unhealthy addiction? Once you commit to your vision and purpose, that will help propel you out the door.

Now that you have your BIG WHY we need some smaller goals to work towards and celebrate. And that’s where signing up for races comes into play.    

  • Setting a goal 8-12 weeks away.
  • Find a race and pay for it...consider a destination run to reward yourself for all your efforts.
  • Tell someone about your goal!
  • Create goals that are a realistic stretch.  If your planning to walk your 5K, commit to completing the walk at a quicker pace.  If it normally takes 60 minutes, shoot for 55 minutes. Same with running, if you can do it in 30 minutes, aim for 29 minutes. This will force you to actively train.  
  • Celebrate small, recent victories such as getting out 3 times this week.  Journal your workout, celebrate by sharing your success with others, get that new fitness app or outfit you want.  
  • For increasing your running, follow the guideline of adding minutes running over walking each week.  If already running and increasing distance, increase 10% each week so if you are doing 10 miles increase to 11 the following week to prevent overuse injuries. For increasing speed, do one speed workout each week.
  • Music…Having a playlist you enjoy can make your workout time fly by.
  • Friends…join a running group in your area. This really helps on so many levels when first starting out, and these folks want to share their knowledge, pain, and accomplishments!
  • Prayer and contemplation will rejuvenate you and reward you during this time spent and keep your brain healthy too!
  • Get up 40 minutes earlier and become a morning runner.  Set your clothes out the night before, put your sneakers on right away in the morning. Have a cup of coffee and get out the door.
  • If you really can’t do mornings, find a nice place you can stop after work and get your workout in before you go home.  It will help you decompress from the day!
  • Subscribe to a running or fitness magazine.
  • Don’t feel guilty for taking some time for yourself!  Your family, friends and coworkers need you to take care of yourself, and this is one important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  

So for week 6 of 12, Increase your training this week by increasing your running time each of the 3 days.   Warm up with a brisk 5 minute walk, alternate 4-5 minutes of jogging with 60-90 seconds of walking completing a total of 20 minutes.  End with 5 minutes of relaxed walking to cool down walk. Stretch (see week 4 blog) Total 35-40 minutes.

5K Training Tips: Apparel to Enhance Your Comfort and Success

Do you believe we are 5 weeks into our 12 week training plan for a 5K in June?  If you have been inside on a treadmill, you will want to get outside now that spring is officially here!  Let’s discuss dressing for the weather and equipment needs to make your running easy and fun.

The best tip for comfortable dressing is to determine the temperature and then add 20* and dress accordingly.  So, if it’s 40* when you start your workout, dress as you would for 60*.  Depending on your personal preferences that might mean capri tights or shorts for women, and shorts for men and maybe a short sleeve shirt and/or a long sleeve on top.  Since you are doing a 5 minute walking warm up, you can always dress in layers and remove a layer after your warm up.


Below is a list of recommended items to incorporate into your fitness routine:

  • Sneakers, as we spoke in week 3, should be fitted at a running specialty store for the most comfortable ride.
  • Socks have ingredient labels and you’ll want to avoid cotton as that often results in sweating and blisters; a blend of  acrylic, CoolMax, nylon and/or polyester works well.
  • A watch does not need to be expensive or fancy. Timex are a great value and last a long time.
  • Hats with brims or visors are great protection for your eyes and skin from both sun and wind.
  • Sunscreen to prevent sun damage.
  • Gloves can keep your hands comfortable in temperatures under 50*.
  • Reflective vests are a must if you are running at night, dusk, or dawn as cars cannot see you otherwise.
  • Carry identification or write your name and phone number in your clothes.
  • Water is also a must after your 30 minutes of running.  Going longer distance or time you will need to plan to stay hydrated and we’ll discuss that in a future blog.
  • If you like to listen to music, get some earbuds to keep one ear plugged and one ear open to surrounding sounds.  

Increase your training in week five by increasing your running time each of the 3 days you are working out.   Warm up with a brisk 5 minute walk, alternate 3-5 minutes of jogging with 90 seconds of walking completing a total of 20 minutes.  End with 5 minutes of relaxed walking to cool down walk.  Total 30 minutes. 

Next week we’ll be halfway there so we’ll chat about how to stay motivated!  Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Dover Running Festival on June 5 at 6:30PM!  See you there!

Three Simple Tips for Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month. Everyone gets stressed. It is basically an inevitable part of life. But we can choose to learn skills to manage and control our stress so that it doesn’t impact our lives in negative ways.breath

Here are three easy tips to help reduce your stress this month:

  • Exercise! Getting up and moving is a great stress reliever. Not only does it loosen up tense muscles but it releases endorphins which can protect the body from the harmful effects of the stress response. Try enjoying the spring weather by taking a brisk walk/jog or run around a local park or maybe try some gentle stretching and yoga to loosen up.
  • Sleep! Being well rested is important to maintaining a healthy stress level. Rest helps to rejuvenate the body and replenishes our resources so we can handle stress with ease. Being tired makes it more difficult to focus and control our moods which could exacerbate the stress response.
  • Breath! When you feel like you are getting stressed, take a moment (close your eyes if that feels comfortable for you) and pay attention to your breath for about 5-6 breaths. You can place one hand over your belly button and the other over your chest and focus on how it feels to breath as the belly and chest rise and fall with each inhale and exhale. Conscious breathing has been proven to lower the stress response by decreasing heart rate and relaxing the body and mind.